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Creating a connection with your customer is the first crucial step in building your clientele and making sales - and social media is the best way to do that! With a stunning Instagram and Facebook presence, you can continue to build your brand while creating relationships with your current customers and attract new customers. Fun fact: 92% of all Instagram users say they’ve followed a brand, clicked on their website, or made a purchase after seeing a product/service on Instagram.

Let CM.Social make your life easier by managing your social media accounts for you, offering customizable packages to fit you and your brands needs! 

Pre-constructed packages are listed below. 


+ 1 Instagram account
+ post scheduling (1-2 posts/week)
+ basic social media interaction

This package is perfect for small businesses who just want to have an active social media platform, incoming influencers to build content/aesthetic, and everyone in between!



+ 2 social media platforms
+ post scheduling (2-4 posts/week)
+ ad generation (1/mo)
+ content creation (includes captions)
+ audience interaction - DM’s, comments, tagging, story posts, interactive presence on platforms 

+ focused time on specialized growth strategy 


+ max. of 4 social media platforms
+ client determined number of posts per week (unlimited)
+ superior audience interaction - DM’s, comments, tagging, story posts, interactive presence on platforms 
+ content creation (includes captions)
+ customizable ad generation

+ focused time on specialized growth strategy 

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Capture the attention of your current audience and prospect clients/customers with stunning imagery. Whether you want to tell the story of your brand on your website or Instagram page, there's nothing like a beautiful collection of photos to do the trick. Did you know that 67% of customers claim that quality product photos influence their decision to purchase from a brand? Note worth taking!

Product photography packages are also customizable to ensure you are getting everything on your list checked off. Pre-constructed packages are listed below.

PACKAGE 1: $300

+ half day (4 hours)

+ up to 8 separate items

+ individual shots and groupings

+ 2 detail shots per item (fabric/pattern) - if needed

+ 1 "hero" image (for website)

+ proofs within 5-7 business days

PACKAGE 2: $550


+ full day (8 hours)

+ up to 16 separate items

+ individual shots and groupings

+ 3 detail shots per item (fabric/patterns) - if needed

+ 2 "hero" images

+ proofs within 5-7 business days

Keep in mind, these photoshoots do not include live models. However, here's an option for you...

As a professional model myself, I have had to get creative with current times to stay busy. This has resulted in me photographing myself for clients. If you would like to have a live model in some of your images, I can also play that role as well! For live models, it's an additional $150.



Brand consistency is so important when presenting yourself as a legitimate business. With consistency, comes recognition. We will work together to make sure your brand has it's own unique identity that reflects more than just what you are selling. 

Since each brand is different, brand development packages are completely customizable and charged by the hour. Rates will range from $50-$75/hour depending on the clients needs.