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Originally from Lincoln, NE currently based in Chicago, IL. Mainly known as a fashion photographer, I am passionate about all things digital media and content creation. As an aesthetically driven individual, I wanted to extend my career in photography to social media strategy and marketing. 

As a business owner myself, I know how daunting it can be to play so many different roles. My goal is to take in the task of social media from those who would like to spend their time doing the parts they love, growing their business.


I value the power behind inclusivity within my work on social media. It is my goal to work alongside other business owners who share this same value. Together we can make sure your brand voice is heard by any and everyone who is willing to listen. 


I believe that pure intention can speak through the right content. Together, CM Social and your brand can make meaningful content with a purpose. 


I value awareness when it comes to creating my content. I believe it is important for brands to be conscious with their overall brand identity and connection. The more connected your brand is with the community around it, the stronger your connection is with your audience. 

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Based in Chicago. Partnering with small businesses everywhere. Proudly a part of the 4% of agencies owned by women.
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